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Dan Nelson: Hobergs Club – The Color of Ecology

Green. Like many businesses today, Hobergs Club Resort Dan Nelson will be established from day-one as an environmentally friendly facility. The Beauty of Cobb Mountain is one of the treasures of the resort location. Hoberg’s Management aim’s to keep it that way with a mindful approach to bringing industry to the area, using low emission energy sources.

Steam Power Makes a Come-back

The modern day Hoberg’s Resort will use it’s hot springs well to it’s full potential.  Not only are the warm waters great for a soothing dip, but the steam and temperature can be used to create geothermal energy to light our lights, and warm our rooms.

Dan Nelson Hobergs Club: The Color of Ecology

In a binary cycle, the “green” power plant  uses the heat from geothermal water to vaporize water  in separate adjacent pipes. The vapor, like steam, powers the turbine generator and creates electricity. This method also produces nearly zero emissions and is suitable for integration with other energy sources.

Dan Nelson Hobergs Club: The Color of Ecology: Solar Panels

A Bright Way to Power Up

The sun bathes Earth with more than enough energy, contained in its light, to fulfill all the world’s power needs many times over. It is another r energy source that has zero emissions, is sustainable, and it’s free.

Usually, when light hits an object the energy turns into heat, like the warmth you feel while sitting in the sun. But when light hits certain materials, a chemical reaction turns the light energy into an electrical current instead, which we can then harness for power.

Silicon crystals produce an electrical current when struck by light  because the electrons in the crystal move around and create kinetic energy when exposed to light instead of just jiggling in place to make heat.

Well, Look at This

Dan Nelson Hobergs Club: The Color of Ecology: Geothermal Heating

Getting back to the hot springs, the wells under Hoberg’s  can also heat the buildings accommodating our guests by a using geothermal heating system.

Heated liquid runs through pipes that are sunken into the earth, where it draws warmth from the constant heat of the hot spring wells below.

The heat is then pumped into an indoor unit which circulates it through the entire building like an air-conditioning unit.

During the summer, the same system can be used in reverse to cool the facilities, but having a geothermal heated pool all year round doesn’t sound like such a bad thing!

Environmentally Friendly systems are a “must” in the hearts of  the new Hoberg’s Club management, and we are excited about the benefits this feature provides to our guests and to the environment.