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Lake County Beer – Hoberg’s Club Dan Nelson

The lake along with the soil and the weather is a great place for the beer fermentation.  The location is known for its beers and  along with that a vast number of eateries and pubs.  While Lake’s wine industry revamped in the late 1960s, the beer industry is of a later vintage. Mount St. Helena Brewing Company built a solid footing in this wine driven locale.

Mount St. Helena Brewing CompanyCoaster - Dan Nelson Hober's Club

Mount St. Helena Brewing Company is a place in the little town of Middletown. Sitting in the shadow of Mount St. Helena, this distillery offers brews that truly reflect the region. Built in 1996, the bottling works has utilized it’s over a decade of experience has refined every lager on the menu.

They carry various types of beers:  With their English Ale one can discover a session brew with great taste.  It has light copper color, toasty nose and has luxuriously malty in advance with foods grown from the ground in back.  It has received the Gold award champ at the California State Fair. IPA with its citrus-pine fragrance has moderate malt with bunches of botanical evergreen jump taste. It is luxuriously layered. Nectar Wheat Ale has clear light gold color and slight honeysuckle smell; the taste is clean and straightforward.

The Mount St. Helena Brewing restaurant serves up some of the best burgers and pizza around. Restaurant rating sites and websites give the pizza two thumbs up for inventiveness, character and consistency. The menu is inventive and fun. People can try the Funnel’s Fire Pizza or the BBQ Chicken Salad .

So an individual can take the delightful drive north up Highway 29 from Napa County to Middletown for a brewery visit, and after that can think about a visit on up 29 through the towns to Clear Lake. They can also book a stay at Hoberg’s Resort and see a couple of the 18 neighborhood wineries.


Dan Nelson Hoberg’s Club Skin Care

It is frightening to think how many toxins get into your skin just while out and about each day. They can cause all kinds of problems and with free radicals now being proven to cause premature aging it is important to look after the part of your body that people see most (your face). At Hoberg’s Club, they offer a whole range of facials that can deal with different kinds of problematic skin.

Dan Nelson Hoberg's Club Skin Care

Hoberg’s Club  Spa is situated in beautiful woodland stretching just less than 60 acres. This allows you to get away from all the traffic and pollution for a while and the opportunity to take a walk around the natural and beautiful surroundings of the site. While there you can bring your skin closer to nature too by treating yourself to one of the many specialized facials.

If you suffer from acne the Hoberg’s club acne facial has been created just for you. Their Acne facial is specifically created to treat the root cause of the problem and works specifically on the acne prone areas. It cleanses deep down to get rid of the problem rather than just topically treating the spots which allows you to get the clear skin you have always wanted and keep it. They use 5% benzoyl peroxide, which is a chemical peel to take away dead skin cells that can make your skin look dull, they also use salicylic acid to get rid of bacteria in the skin that causes spots to worsen and even become infected. It also helps to reduce the amount of oil so that you don’t have to hide away a greasy forehead or other problem areas.

If you like to wear backless or strappy tops then you will also want your back in the best condition too. The Spa specialists know this, so they have incorporated a treatment that will help you deal with both at the same time all in under an hour. They will put a masque on the areas to ensure they draw out all impurities, cleanse to get rid of ingrained dirt and oils then exfoliate and moisturize to leave your skin feeling baby soft.

According to Dan Nelson Hoberg’s club also offer refreshing treatments for your hands and feet. After exfoliating the skin thoroughly, application of combination of aromatic hand and foot mitts helps help soften up the tissues which is followed by a relaxing light massage. Soft heated towels are used to remove the product followed by the application of peppermint lotion to complete the most rejuvenating treatment.

Hoberg’s Club Resort & Spa Video The Trailer: Dan Nelson Hobergs Club Since Hoberg’s Club Resort & Spa has a history of being a film location, we made a mock-movie trailer for the resort. Film your next video at Hoberg’s.

Lake County Wine Infographic: Dan Nelson Hoberg’s Club

Dan Nelson of Hobergs Club provides all you need to know about Lake County Wines in this infographic:

Dan Nelson: Hoberg's Club - Lake County Wines InfoGraphic
Dan Nelson of Hobergs Club provides all you need to know about Lake County Wines in this infographic:


Dan Nelson on Hoberg’s Club Tours of Lake County, California

Lake County’s beauty includes varied topography, rural country roads, colorful landscapes, Wineries, Hot Springs, Spas, abundant wildlife, and crazy adventures. Once you are at Hoberg’s Club, Dan Nelson advises visitors to take a little tour or trip provided by the resort. These tours include:-

  • Mountain Wine Country Tour
  • Clear Lake Fishing or Sailing Trip
  • Casino Trip

Mountain Wine Country Tour

As Lake County is one of the hottest wine destination in California, you’ll get wine tastings from award winning wineries.  These tours offer you  a brand new experience of a hidden gem area in California wine country.

First you’ll get picked up a private shuttle services at Hobergs Club Resort. Then,  the tour starting with a briefing on the places you will visit on this tour along with a tasting of the great vintages on resort’s own winery.Dan Nelso Hoberg's Club Wine Tour:  Vigilance Vineyard-Sunrise

Then on the shuttle enjoy the beauty of Lake County and Cobb Mountain during the ride to the first destination  of the trip, Moore Family Winery in the Cobb Mountain followed by Thorn Hill Vineyards in the Lower Lake area.  Next up is Vigilance Winery as the third stop of the tour followed by a little picnic lunch on the beautiful landscape of Lower Lake. The final stop of the tour will be a visit to the last of the four of the premiere wineries  in Lake County, Gregory Graham Winery situated in the Lower Lake Area.

Clear Lake Fishing or Sailing Trip

As you all know, Lake County is home to Clear Lake, the largest natural freshwater lake in California and one of the oldest lakes on the continent; also known as the Bass Capital of the West.  Dan Nelson of Hoberg’s Club has created numerous lake tours including fishing tours of Clear Lake; as it is the home to numerous of fishing contests.

Sailboats, jet skis, canoes, kayaks, paddle boats, and power boats are also available to rent in Clear Lake. So, as a part of the trip, Hoberg’s Club provides a sailing trip as well. Hop on a sailboat and sail on the clean and natural freshwater in California. Resort’s Private shuttle will pick you up and during the drive teach you about Clear Lake by watching a video. The tour arrives at the docks of Clear Lake where you can choose from  a 3 hour of fishing charter or sailing trip. You will be provided lunch and drinks by the resort. Return after having fun fishing or sailing for 3 hours. You can drop your catch at the resort to let the staff cook or you can cook your catch on your own in the resort’s barbeque pit areas.

Casino Trip

Hoberg’s Club Casino Trip fulfills your need for  gaming action at the Twin Pine Casino in Middletown. Located in scenic southern Lake County, at the northern gateway to the world-renowned Napa Valley,

Twin Pine casino offers a wide variety of slot machines with a well-rounded mixture of the latest and most popular penny, nickel, quarter, one-dollar and five-dollar games.  The casino also offers live-action table games like Blackjack, 3-Card Poker, and live poker featuring Texas Hold’Em. The Trip includes free token, you can play with. It also includes lunch at the Twin Pine Casino Marketplace. But you should have to be above 21 years and a valid ID for this trip.

Dan Nelson’s: The Wines of Hoberg’s Club

Many of the wines of Hobergs Club are grown organically. Organic farming protects the environment from pollution and  Dan Nelson of Hobergs Club has not lagging behind. This practice doesn’t have the chemical pesticides, preservatives and herbicides that get washed down to water reservoirs after a down pour. Due to the reviews that accompany organic foods and beverages as well as their Eco-friendliness, the demand for organic wines has been on the incline.

Dan Nelson Hoberg's Club: Fermentation VesselsThe difference between natural and organic wines could be minute, however according to the USDA standards.  Organic means the product was at least 95% organically produced and processed ingredients, while natural products are grown with more or less little intervention.

Many say organic wine tastes better which may be why it gets high ratings. Without fertilizer, grapes often offer a low yield, however they have a higher and richer juice within. Organic wines are also more expensive and lucrative since it production requires additional resources.

According to Hoberg’s Club’s Dan Nelson, you have to be industrious and dedicated to raise and maintain an organic vineyard. The fruit you grow will show your effort and your success or failure as a viticulturist will dictate the quality of your homegrown wine.

Some of the effort that went through into putting up Hoberg’s vineyard includes:

  •   Select your site

  •   Prep the soil

  •   Consider Your Trellising and Vine Spacing

  •   Assess Equipment

  •   Plant Your Vines

  •   Enjoy the Hoberg’s Vineyard

Dan Nelson of Hoberg’s Club advises networking with other organic wine growers.  This networking will help you benefit from their anecdotes of successes and failures; and who would also point you to good nursery materials.