Filming at Hoberg’s


Camera crews, celebrities, fame, and fabulous opportunities are coming to Hoberg’s Club Resort!

It’s possible that when you’re staying at Hoberg’s you might see movie magic in the making.  In the past the Mythbusters have used the resort as a location to conduct some science-fueled fun, but in April of this year the new investigative reality television series Unresolved Mysteries will shoot an episode of their own amidst cabins that are currently being refurbished.

Some more exciting news that we have to share with you is that another crew from the new show Incredible Mysteries is coming to Hoberg’s to explore the history and current cultural phenomena surrounding alien abduction, ghostly encounters, and more.

But we know all of that is a little spooky…But have no fear because Hoberg’s will also be the featured location for the soon-to-be-shot new reality series Extreme Resort Makeover.  The first season of the show will give you a glimpse into what is currently happening at Hoberg’s—the renovations!  So be prepared for a show that is sure to include laughs, drama, and exciting surprises…One of which can be your own personal cameo!  For more information about any of our upcoming film endeavors and to find out how you can try and get onto the set of our new reality show please check out this website:

Happy viewing, folks!


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