Weddings at Hoberg’s!

Hoberg’s Resort is beautifully located in the mountains of Northern California. It is a perfect vacation getaway, but can also serve as an ideal wedding and honeymoon destination. The great outdoors are literally Hoberg’s backyard, and the natural scenery creates the perfect ambiance for any type of wedding. The resort also features various indoor locations to provide different spaces for wedding ceremonies, receptions, and festivities of all kinds. Hoberg’s not only provides the setting and lodging for yourself and guests, but with our on-site wedding planner is also available to assist you, ensuring that worrying about your big day will become a thing of the past. Catering is also something the resort proudly prepares and provides for such exciting occasions. The chefs at Hoberg’s are the best around, and they proudly prepare delicious international cuisine that always pairs nicely with Napa County wines.

Seriously though, what’s not to love about a Hoberg’s wedding? A wedding planner, location, catering, lodging, and entertainment combine to make the most memorable day imaginable—all you need to do is say “I do.” After the vows you and your new spouse can greet your guests for the first time as a married couple in Hoberg’s state-of-the-art ballroom for the reception of a lifetime. Whether live entertainment or a DJ is your musical provider of choice, let the melody fill the air as you dance the night away. With our friendly staff to accommodate your every need, there is no stress when it comes to conducting your romantic rendezvous.

But perhaps the idea of a large celebration isn’t your cup of tea, and that’s still just as wonderful! Trust me, Hoberg’s means it when they say they want to cater to everyone’s desires. Come visit us with just your special someone, or a small party if you prefer, and conduct your ceremony in our private indoor chapel and afterwards sit around a crackling campfire and let the stars romantically light your first evening of married bliss.

In short, everything you could ever need, want, or possibly dream of for you wedding is at Hoberg’s Resort. Call us up anytime and we’ll take care of everything! (Just remember to send out the invitations and tell your guests to make a reservation as well!)


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