Facial Treatments for Every One at Hoberg’s Club Spa – Dan Nelson

Dan Nelson Hoberg’s Club Spa offers the most comprehensive facial treatments for every one regardless of their age, gender and skin types.

Dan Nelson Hoberg's Club Facial Treatments

Teenage skin should be treated with care as although it is more prone to being greasy and spotty, it is also delicate. Specialists at Dan Nelson Hoberg’s Club knows that teaching older children to take care of their skin properly is important and teaches them habits they can take with them for life. First of all the beauty specialists will evaluate the skin type so that they are able to give it the best treatment possible. They teach teens how to look after their skin in three easy steps of cleansing, exfoliation and moisture treatment. They will also teach them techniques to keep spot breakouts under control and more importantly how to avoid them in the first place. This session lasts for at least 45 minutes.

Little ones like to be included too which is why there is an option to get a treatment with your little girl. The staff knows how to treat skin of all ages and of course how to keep little ones happy too! This will give you quality time and allow your little one to feel grown up just like mommy. They enjoy the pampering just as adults do. They teach young children age appropriately how to look after their skin just like the teenagers. In addition they teach them how to protect their delicate skin against the sun and how important sun protection is. This experience is allows mum and daughter to be right next to each other while the treatment takes place. All products used are natural.

Men are not left out as there is a facial treatment made just for them. Dan Nelson Hoberg’s Club specialists know that a man’s skin has different care needs to a woman’s and make sure their products are made especially for this. A man’s most sensitive facial parts are usually around the shaving areas, they also make sure that the skin is treated for sun exposure.

The onsite premium accommodation would be a great place for a bride to be to take her ladies in waiting and make sure that she and her chosen friends can look their best and be picture perfect for the next day. They have a whole host of fine wines to try and meals that would please the rich and famous.


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