Dan Nelson’s: The Wines of Hoberg’s Club

Many of the wines of Hobergs Club are grown organically. Organic farming protects the environment from pollution and  Dan Nelson of Hobergs Club has not lagging behind. This practice doesn’t have the chemical pesticides, preservatives and herbicides that get washed down to water reservoirs after a down pour. Due to the reviews that accompany organic foods and beverages as well as their Eco-friendliness, the demand for organic wines has been on the incline.

Dan Nelson Hoberg's Club: Fermentation VesselsThe difference between natural and organic wines could be minute, however according to the USDA standards.  Organic means the product was at least 95% organically produced and processed ingredients, while natural products are grown with more or less little intervention.

Many say organic wine tastes better which may be why it gets high ratings. Without fertilizer, grapes often offer a low yield, however they have a higher and richer juice within. Organic wines are also more expensive and lucrative since it production requires additional resources.

According to Hoberg’s Club’s Dan Nelson, you have to be industrious and dedicated to raise and maintain an organic vineyard. The fruit you grow will show your effort and your success or failure as a viticulturist will dictate the quality of your homegrown wine.

Some of the effort that went through into putting up Hoberg’s vineyard includes:

  •   Select your site

  •   Prep the soil

  •   Consider Your Trellising and Vine Spacing

  •   Assess Equipment

  •   Plant Your Vines

  •   Enjoy the Hoberg’s Vineyard

Dan Nelson of Hoberg’s Club advises networking with other organic wine growers.  This networking will help you benefit from their anecdotes of successes and failures; and who would also point you to good nursery materials.


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